K-VUE TV Newsroom

New addition of 10,000 s.f. and 9,000 s.f. remodel to the existing newsroom; 2,000 s.f. remodel of the existing station. The driving force behind much of the remodeled scope of work was the desire to correct the maze-like circulation and upgrade all of the departments. A new broadcast set was designed and completed in 1994. The set is still being used and remains a simple, clean, sculptural format where the news anchors are framed in clean, portrait-type backgrounds.

The renovation of all office areas and the newsroom addition were nationally recognized as an exemplary, efficient newsroom used as broadcasting studio and workplace. Windows with bulletproof security connect the station to the community on a busy street. 


K  Vue  Tv  Newsroom (2)
K  Vue  Tv  Newsroom (4)


1995 Austin AIA Citation of Honor Award

K  Vue  Tv  Newsroom (5)
K  Vue  Tv  Newsroom (1)
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